Every organization has its ups and downs. It all begins with the experiences.
We Adopt Agile Practices
We clearly recognize that not all client landscapes are of the same type. That is why our approach is to encompass a simple solution clearly tailored to solve the concerns of consumers. We provide the business drivers with a staggered strategy and help the organizations match their priorities with the company's overall vision.
Security and Assurance
We ensure that our systems are secure and maintain the safety of your personal information. We help clients achieve continuous quality and seamless end-user experience.
Highest quality
Since customer loyalty is at our prior, we stand for not only an outstanding product, but also uncompromising service excellence that meets our customer satisfaction.
Latest Technology
To provide advanced learning, Our concerned team keeps upskilling and continues learning new tools to provide you the most secure and advanced work commitment.
Time Commitment
The most important aspect of the project is "Time Delivery". We respect your time and work hard to ensure that the project is delivered to you by the promised deadline.
Our Process
Development Process — The Life Cycle Steps
It is our strong dedication that allows us to have solutions that not only follow the aims of the project, but also set market expectations. The following steps are used in our site creation procedure.
Requirement Gathering
Firstly, We contact the client to get their requirements and collect the raw data by consultation and these requirements are evaluated for their validity of incorporating the ideas in the developing phase.
System Analysis
The criteria requirements of the first process are closely reviewed and a list is prepared in an ordered way and then technically recorded with the descriptions of the proposed products.
The coding stage begins upon obtaining the specification papers. Small modules are first designed and then integrated and installed to satisfy their requirements.
Planning & Designing
Whole configured architecture of the program is described in this process to schedule various website creation milestones and it is here that the conceptual system of the product is created.
Quality Assurance
Testing commences in order to find the bugs, different testing methodologies are used. The glitches are patched and the final website is checked to ensure it satisfies the criteria of the Customer.
Once the software testing phase is over and no bugs or errors left in the system, then the final deployment process starts, Based on Project Manager feedback, the final software is released.
150 +
Successful Projects
are delivered with our consistent hard work.
60 +
Worldwide Clients
extremely satisfied and consistently receiving satisfaction.
25 +
IT Professionals
with highly proficient and confident for every assignment.
13 +
Years of Experience
gives us the potential to hit on any challenges.
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"iNoid Solutions consistently delivers better quality work for their client. Their work has few bugs and the team always executes. Areas for improvement include grasping instructions during the scoping phase more efficiently."
Hassan Hoque
Hassan Hoque
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